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Distinction Tour

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Bali Photo Tour

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Your daily total is complete and there are not hidden costs – car, driver service, petrol, unlimited mileage, tax, car insurance are already included. However you will pay separately for your entrance & parking tickets. Entrance to most of temples/cultural shows will costs you $1 - $8 per person, parking tickets $0.50 - $1 per car. Can I change dates or cancel my reservation? Yes, date changes and cancelations are easy and always free with us. We give you flexible dates so you can cancel reservation partly or entirely at any time, without any problems...

We will assign a driver one day before your first pick-up. Don't worry - we hire only experienced & trusted drivers! All our drivers are licensed tour guides (english speaking). How can I choose tours and places to visit? You can decide about schedule when you meet your driver. You can choose from ready tours ideas or plan your own tour, you can prepare a list of places to visit, you can ask your driver for recommendations. Sightseeing, beaches, restaurants, parks, galleries, parties – wherever you want to go its OK with us!

You can hire our car and driver for full day only (10 hours or more). We do not offer discounts if you decide to use service for shorter time. Can you pick me up at the airport? Yes if you are planing to use full day service after airport pick-up. To book airport pick-up enter flight number as a hotel name. If you need transfer only you can use official airport taxi and hire us for days when you need car and driver for full day.

You pay directly to your driver on daily basis (no need to pay for all reserved days at once). You pay at the end of each day in local currency. I am staying in different towns/hotels. Is that OK? Yes. You can plan different pick-up time and location for each day of service. We require details only for first pick-up and you arrange schedule for other days directly with your driver.

My number 1 aim is to show you my amazing home, to help you experience Bali. In the interests of being open I want to show you there are no "hidden costs" when you book a tour with me.

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